Reliable Professional Plumber

Why Kits Plumbing & Heating?

There’s a reason we’re called ‘Vancouver’s first choice for plumbing & heating’. We’ve got a great reputation based on satisfying our customers – every time out.

As our customer, you’re not just another job. We’ve been successfully building lasting relationships with our customers for over 13 years.

Promises Made – Promises Kept

It’s a simple concept, but for many of our competitors, it’s not one that they follow.

We realized early on that although we’re a plumbing and heating service, and we’re really good at what we do – we’re in the ‘people’ business and satisfying you – is job one.

  • That means that when we tell you the job will take 2 hours to complete – we won’t be there continuing to work 4 hours later.
  • When we tell you we’ll be at your place to start working on Tuesday, you won’t have to chase us until we finally arrive on Friday.

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